About Mooramo

Mooramo is an educational website. All of our courses are completely free and are designed to help you learn quickly and effectively. We apply a number of principles in order to achieve this goal.

Firstly, we put great effort into making sure that all of the content is presented to you in the right order. In other words, no part of any course assumes that you know things that are not covered until later in the course. This means that if you start a course from the beginning, you can be confident that you will always be equipped to understand each new bit of content.

Secondly, the structure of each course is laid out clearly on its course page, so that you can easily keep track of what you have learned so far and what you still have to learn. We encourage you to refer back to the course page regularly when you are working through a course, so that you can keep track of how the content you are learning fits into the course as a whole.

Thirdly, each page of content has a Flashcards section at the end, where you will find the key points presented in question and answer format. We encourage you to make real flashcards using these questions and answers and test yourself on them regularly. It has been proven that active recall (testing yourself) is a much more effective study strategy than just reading or making notes, so taking the time to make flashcards and practice them now will save you a lot of study time in the long run.

We also encourage you to space out your flashcard practice so that you practice in short, regular sessions. For example, practicing for 10 minutes every day for a week is much better than practicing for 70 minutes one day and then not practicing at all for the rest of the week. Also, if you get a flashcard correct, you should increase the amount of time before you practice it again. This advice is all based on the science of spaced repetition.

Finally, we strongly encourage you to use a mastery learning approach as you study. This means that you do not move on to the next page of content until you have completely mastered the current one. To master the content means to understand all of the concepts, have all of the flashcard answers fully memorised and have practiced any skills that need practicing to a high standard. If you use this approach then you will never find yourself trying to learn something that you don't have the necessary knowledge or skills for.

Of course, learning does fade over time, so even if you completely master a page of content, you should still make sure you come back and revisit it once some time has passed.


Please consider donating to support Mooramo. I am one person doing this whole project on my own - including building the site, writing the content, creating illustrations and making revision resources. By making a one-time or repeating donation you will buy me time to work on Mooramo, meaning that I can get new content on here more quickly.